Friday, March 6, 2009

No matter what we do, we're painted as the bad guys!

The Republicans have to Organize, and Prosyltize.

*The leader of the RNC (Steele, I suppose) needs to make perfectly clear that the party will follow conservative values and force out “RINO’s”. They also need to fix the primary process so that Democrats can’t vote in Republican elections. “Follow the president” only works so long as there’s a decent chance that the president is leading us in a viable direction. Since he’s not, the Republicans need to make it plain that they’re not going to follow him off of a cliff, and throw out those in the party that would.

The leader of the RNC (Steel) needs to get on the air on Rush's, and Hannity's , and on Levin's show if he has to - every week and describing in gory detail what the problems truly are, which congressmen are responsible, and which Republicans are running against them. No holds barred, call a Socialist a Socialist.

*Finally, the Republicans need to have get on the air every week - heck, every day - telling people what conservatism is, why it is best, and why socialism is going to flush us down the toilet. One problem with the country is that the Socialist Democrats have a lock on the education system, and as a result very few people under the age of 60 can tell you what a Communist really is
Our Smart ass teleprompter President won’t know what to do if we go off script. Fight him at every turn in the road, make fun of his team at every opportunity. As his popularity falls he will move more and more into his attack mode and everyone will realize that he is a fraud.

In Only 5 Weeks.

Just five weeks into the Hussein Obama administration IT SEEMS NO ONE WANTS TO GET ON HIS SINKING SHIP. I SUPPOSE THE HUSSEIN OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WILL BE BLAMING FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH FOR THE ECONOMIC MESS EVEN AS ALL THE EVIDENCE SHOWS THAT IT IS HUSSEIN OBAMA AND HIS PROPOSED PROGRAMS IS THE REASON THE STOCK MARKET HAS DROPPED OVER 35 PERCENT SINCE HE TOOK OFFICE. Hussein Obama and his staffers and the Democrats can continue to blame Former President BUSH all they want but the reality is that no one in the Nation right now has any hope for this country with Hussein Obama and the Democrats proposed changes and we all NOW KNOW THIS IS THE DEMOCRATS ECONOMY...NO ONE ELSE'S. RIGHT NOW WE ONLY HAVE FEAR because we know the SHIP WE ARE IN HAS NO CAPTAIN and is being steered by inept and bogus Democrat politician in the mode of Pelosi and Reid, Franks and Dodd. IF THIS DOESN'T MAKE YOU SHUDDER enough to demand REAL POSITIVE CHANGE than you deserve the disaster you are about to witness AND PARTICIPATE IN

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was President Barack Obama's pick to pull us out of a recession, but nobody thought he'd have to do it by himself or without key staffers.

But as news leaked Thursday that top, expected nominees for Treasury posts were bowing out of the confirmation process, Geithner looked more alone than ever.

Geithner’s top choice to be his deputy Treasury secretary, Annette Nazareth, stepped aside, citing personal reasons. Geithner’s pick for Treasury undersecretary of international affairs, Caroline Atkinson, also took her name out of the running for that job.

Their decisions leave Geithner with two senior openings for the positions that were supposed to communicate with domestic and global financial firms about Obama's plans for stabilizing the banking sector.

The personnel changes also will likely compel Obama to once again reassure the markets that his administration is prepared to lead the country out of recession—even if key posts are vacant for now.

Nazareth spent nine years at the Securities and Exchange Commission, first as director of its market regulation division and later as a commissioner.

However, Nazareth’s time at the SEC proved to be a liability rather than an asset. Senate Democrats feared that Republicans would try to tie Nazareth to Wall Street scandals, include the alleged Bernie Madoff "Ponzi scheme", in light of reports that the scheme was repeatedly overlooked by regulators during those years.
Everyone he picks will turn him down maybe not Burris from Illinois. His picks turn out to be either be crooks who are afraid of getting exposed or if they have a brain and any sense of decency, they will not want to be associated with this trash

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why should Obama debate with an entertainer?

“Why should Obama debate with an entertainer who has managed to claw his way to the top of the tottering GOP?”

For starters, why was Obama and the MSM so afraid of Joe the Plumber for asking a simple question? Why was Obama/Biden so scared of Sarah Palin?

And why doesn’t The Snob try to debate El Rushbo? Easy - he’d get his big-eared head handed to him on a silver platter.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Obama is incompetent and it shows.

Lets see, Joe the Plumber was on his front lawn tossing a ball with his kid when Obama walked up. Joe had the nerve to ask a question that caused Obama to let slip with his true goal. As a result, the private man had his life thrown into the national spotlight by democrat operatives, some of whom eventually had to quit their jobs because of their unethical behavior. I’d say this private citizen was definitely targeted by Obama and his campaign.

As for Rush, he is a well know person, but he holds no elected office, seeks no elective office and happens to do his job well enough that he has rating that no one on Air America could ever hope to have. But though he is well known, he is still a private citizen.

It seems to me that Obama and his crew are looking very, very juvenile right now. The campaign is over, it is time to govern, but Obama continues in campaign mode. Let divert attention from the problems at hand the and Obama’s failure to address them properly by attacking a radio show host. Very sophisticated. If he spent as much time vetting his appointments he might have a cabinet in place sometime before 2010. And btw, he’s doing a great job of making the world love us: lets throw our allies, the Poles, the Checzhs and the Israelis under the bus. Kiss Russian ass, and get the finger in return. I’ve noticed how much the mullahs in Iran have unclenched that fist. This man is incompetent and it shows